As the great Management thinker Peter Drucker once said “The quality in a product or service is not what you put into it, it’s what the customer gets out of it.”  Think about what’s in it for the customer, take what you’ve learned from your customers who have given you a five-star rating and wrap your solution in terms of values and benefits that will uniquely help your new customers – this is how you delight your customers.


Here is a story of Rubix108 that showcases how positive feedback from users can help retain the services of a customer in a situation where the school management was averse to the idea of renewing an existing contract with Rubix108 Technologies for its school management system but was eventually forced to cecum to the demands of its faculty who wanted to continue with the product. 


It is not always pricing which affects the life cycle of a product (institute management software) with the consumer. Sometimes the ease of use and the after sales services provided by a company play a much greater role in the minds of consumers over cost. 


This is a case study of an educational institution named SB International School at Ranchi, Jharkhand, which has been using the RTotal application (school information management system) powered by Rubix108 since 2018.


SB International had a contract with Rubix108 to use its School Management App., for a year. During renewal the management of the school opted to change to another product. This was done for only one reason which was none other than the pricing offered by the competitor. 


For those inquisitive minds that like statistical information, SB International has a strength of 3000 students and we had sold our school management mobile app., with had features such as attendance app for teachers, school parent app., student management software, school fee management system, amongst other school management system modules to them for a price tag of Rs.100 per student for a year. This pricing was at the higher end of the market offering at the time. Our competitor had been pitching a price of Rs. 30 per student for a year to their school management which was significantly lower than the price the school had been paying for our services largely because it was nothing more than a school ERP app which had been packaged to look like a school management system. 


The school management upon reviewing both products decided to be more cost centric and decided to opt for the cheaper school ERP software and informed their decision to discontinue with Rubix108. 


What was not known to the school management at the time of their decision was the extent of support which Rubix108 had been providing its school’s teachers through its online and on-site support teams whenever it was required. Unknown to the school management at the time, during the course of the past year Rubix108 had been constantly supporting each and every teacher of the school with any kind of support they required, be it report card generation or training of new teachers in using the application to its fullest potential, thereby, making their daily curriculum much easier and saving them plenty of time in completing their administrative tasks.


Over the course of the year, the teachers had become so comfortable with the ease of use of the product, that they could not even dream of changing to another product.


To draw an analogy, we can ask ourselves a simple question! Would you change from WhatsApp to some other application? The answer is simple, “No”, you won’t because of the ease it gives you in connecting to people within your contact sphere! 


A similar thing happened at SB International School. When the teachers learnt that the RTotal application powered by Rubix108 was going to be replaced, they protested and argued with the management to continue with Rubix108. Seeing the strong resistance from its faculty, the School’s management was forced to come to terms with the fact that “You get what you pay for!”, and renewed the contract with Rubix108. 


So, what are the lessons one can draw from this case? At SB International it was the teachers’ who were using the RTotal application powered by Rubix108 on a daily basis, not the Management. They used it to communicate student homework and share the students attendance with their parents on daily basis.


As the age old saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and this became the case with the SB International School. They knew the power of RTotal application and saw it as a reliable tool which they could use to manage their time more efficiently. Therefore, they did the inevitable by coaxing their Management to stay with Rubix108.


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