What is a School Information Management System?

School Management system is an important aspect for every school to have, be it small or large in student numbers, School Management system helps you to organize your schools’ activities perfectly. Gone are the days of using outdated school ERP software applications; we are now in the age of #cloud and #mobile technologies where an entire generation of people cannot spend more than a few minutes apart from their mobile phones and information reaches instantly to the end user on their hand-held devices and every technology based Company needs to have its presence felt through a mobile app.

Paths to App revolution

As an educational institution, you need to nail two primary concepts of transformation. Unfortunately, most educational institutions realize this after several failed attempts using traditional methods such as the school ERP app.

  • Keeping the school goal in line
  • And remembering the value to being created for the stakeholders should be measured and implemented.

 Both these concepts can be nailed through the modern school management app.

Here are some key takeaways when any educational institution joins the App Revolution and some of this would surprise you!

·         Low investment and maximum output


School management mobile app are available at low cost and function far better than the regular planning and the pushed implementations still being used in many schools across India and abroad.


·         Work it out


Certainly, it would become a ‘Big Win’ when it works out to improve competence and experience an all-new way of doing things which has proven to be successful in other schools worldwide.


·         Efficiency experienced



Analysis of the key metrics which includes the school’s attendance app for teachersschool parent appschool fee management systemstudent management software and instant collaboration between teachers and students as well as amongst each pier group. This is a substantial benefit to any educational institution as it allows the institution to stay connected with the latest trends in this day and age where there are giant strides being taken in mobile technology with varied industries offering amazing solutions to educational institutions through student management software.


Benefits of School Management Mobile App

Point 1:

As the world turns towards smart phone technologies, virtually everything is being connected to Mobile Applications to directly reach the end user. These days it is common place for teachers and parents to communicate with each other school parent app regarding the performance of their children in scholastic and non-scholastic activities of the school. Easy to use technologies on hand held devises are readily available in the form of school management system modules and communication is made possible through instant contact thereby eliminating delays or mislaid communication between parents and teachers.  The handy and user-friendly institute management software allows the teachers to instantly instruct and communicate with the parents. This does not get limited to the academics but also goes a long way in tracking the child schedule, fees payments and much more.

 Point 2:

There is nothing more effective than a school information management system which can take care of the complete administrative activities related to operating a school and it is the most efficient way to keep all the stakeholders integrated and on the same page. Relatively, using the traditional school ERP app are much more time consuming and require extensive staff training in many cases.

Here is the costing

Employing a team of administrative staff hoping to get done a myriad of activities increases the overheads exponentially. In the case of a school management app this can be handled by a single person using school management mobile app.

Researched proof

The proof of concept dwells in each of the schools joining the App revolution. As the stakeholders become well engaged with the App, they begin to enjoy a qualitatively superior experience at the schools.

The children are provided with the required guidance instantly based on their performance chart. The results are seen to improve in each phase and ultimately, resulting in content parents.

Conversely, it saves plenty of administrative time of the teachers at school as they no longer need to hang around ensuring each student has grasped the requirements of their daily assignments by simply posting the homework/ activity on the student management software application, thus leading to a much higher sense of satisfaction amongst the faculty.

Benefit to the School Management – Revenue up and costs down

As a concept the School Management Software stands to be at the heart of the school which enables the school to achieve the highest level of standards by increasing students’ performance thereby resulting in the parents’ satisfaction. If such school management mobile app are implemented in schools properly there can be nothing to stop the growth of the school. Eventually, such developments within the school infrastructure mushroom into an entire ecosystem for parent-teacher interaction which leads to a new path of growth for the institution.    

 The shift to school information management system offers exciting new opportunities to connect all school stakeholders quickly, yet many schools are struggling to take advantage of these technologies. They are worried about security and scalability issues, and in many cases slowed down by legacy systems while having to employ their IT departments to focus on maintaining infrastructure rather than leading innovation. With the right cloud solution, these obstacles can be overcome allowing you to transform your school with useful, engaging school management mobile app.


Don’t wait! Your parents, teachers, students and management are already mobile, and your schools needs to be too!

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